E-Commerce and online business models are the new normal. As an IT company in Delhi, we have experienced an upsurge in online retailers adopting powerful AI and Machine Learning to boost customer engagement and retention and fulfill the demands of the current eCommerce market, i.e., quick and accurate order delivery. Enters Quick Commerce or Q-Commerce – the all-new eCommerce business model that enables online businesses to deliver products and services in less than an hour. The predicted market revenue for Q-Commerce is estimated at $75 billion in 2025.

Swiggy Instamart, BigBasket Lite, UrbanClap, and global brands like Gorillas, Frazo, Buyk, and BlinkIt are now intelligent Q-Commerce retailers.


What’s the Delivery Model of Q-Commerce?

Q-Commerce retailers aim to deliver goods and services from 15 to 60 minutes. The retailers have tie-ups with Micro Q-Commerce stores, groceries, or small warehouses nearby the delivery locations. The capacity of these stores depends upon the frequency and quantity of orders placed in a particular area.

The Q-Commerce Delivery Model is split into two categories:

Q-Commerce Mobile Applications

Q-Commerce Online Platforms

Q-Commerce Apps

Here the retailers have their own mobile applications, delivery employees, micro warehouse or fulfillment centers, and two-wheeler fleet to deliver goods and services to customers within time. Examples: Licious, Gorillas, Swiggy Instamart, etc.

Q-Commerce Online Platforms

Brands collaborate with online platforms to sell their products and services to customers. The online platforms promote the brand and acquire customers, guaranteeing a safe and quality delivery of products and services. The products are delivered in four-wheelers across the location. Example: Big Basket sells household essentials from different brands with a same-day delivery option.

While the goals of both the Q-Commerce models remain the same, their usability will vary based on the purpose and investment capacity of a brand.

Q-Commerce models are the best fit for densely populated urban areas where residents are tech-savvy and heavily rely on online shopping to fulfill everyday needs.

DI Infotech IT Software Development Company in Delhi is equipped with state-of-the-art IT infrastructure and engineers to build and execute result-oriented Q-Commerce mobile applications and online platforms for various businesses.

Benefits of the Q-Commerce Model

Q-Commerce IT Software Companies in Delhi offer several benefits to online companies for customer retention and business development. Investing in a Q-Commerce Mobile-Web Model gives you the following advantages:

–       Improve delivery time

–       Maximize time operability

–       Satisfy more customers

–       Launch new products faster

–       Provide emergency delivery

–       An opportunity to partner with stores and expand market reach

Q-Commerce for the eCommerce Companies

Customers today need speed, availability, and efficiency. This makes the Q-Commerce IT company in Delhi the future of commerce in India as it caters to all three categories. However, there are quite a few pain points to be addressed. With too many options, consumers are seeking extra efforts from Q-Commerce companies. Besides a responsive mobile application with great UI and UX, the following growth points are essential to be considered:

Supply Chain Automation

For quick and efficient delivery, Q-Commerce companies should embrace automation across all aspects of supply-chain management, including order placing and tracking, inventory management, packaging configuration, and communication.

Excellent Inventory Management

Product stock should be optimized in all fulfillment stores and micro-stores to avoid late or canceled delivery. You can integrate an inventory management system to your Q-Commerce Online Platform to keep demands in control, predict demands and market risks, and keep an eye on the supply chain.

Route, Load, and Driver Optimization

Using a transportation management system will help you plan your driver’s route, driver’s schedule, and carrier load precisely. Installing a scheduling system will enable you to quickly alter routes and delivery timetables, saving TAT and fuel charges.

Start your Q-Commerce Business with DI Infotech – One of the Top IT company in Delhi

Building a Q-Commerce platform or application can be challenging regarding order management, inventory management, customer acquisition, communication, and cost acquisition. However, these challenges can be overcome with automation and an agile software development model. DI Infotech is one of the few IT software development companies in Delhi with the capability and experience to manage to develop such a complex application effortlessly.

We have over 15 years of experience building eCommerce applications for customers worldwide. We are also the foremost IT company in Delhi to venture into the Q-Commerce development model. Contact us for a free ecommerce development consultation.

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