Operations Management System Software in Delhi

DI lnfotech has built Operations Management System (OMS) on a standard,non-proprietary Web-based architecture.With OMS companies can automate the process & management of order handling and preventive maintenance of their equipment .This system will be able to record the order,dispatch,installation of new equipment and billing of the order. Thats why each firm want to contact only with the best software development company in delhi The system will also provide MIS reports for the management to control the operations.

OMS will enable you to

  • Record new Purchase Order/Contract Information
  • Able to generate new Invoice, Challan or Installation Report after Dispatch or Installation.
  • To track the status of every order.
  • To track the status of EMD or PBG given to customer for a specific time frame.
  • To change the progress status of the order from one stage to another
  • Alerts if any order remains in particular stage for more than an expected time period
  • Various MIS Reports related to purchase orders, EMD, PBG, Invoice Details.


  • New orders (PO)/Contract will be recorded inthe system with (Auto generated) Purchase Order/Contract number andcustomer details.
  • As andwhen equipment's are dispatched,new Invoice and DispatchSlip will be generated by the system for individual equipment's.
  • Service tax and VAT will be configurable and recorded in the Invoices.
  • Provision to enter Asset Code for equipment's.
  • PBG,EMO handling for each PO will be provided.
  • The date of installation of equipment,location,Warranty Details willbe recordedafter installation is completed,as per the Installation report provided by the service engineer.
  • Payment recording for invoices & Reports of outstanding payments.