Top MIS Management Information System Software

DI Infotech been the best Software development company in Delhi NCR gives its clients, A one hundred percent Web-based solution that offers a fast, easy method of automating Complete Management. Managing Information is very important for any organisation. Not maintaining Management information properly may lead to many issues which includes.

  • Inefficiencies and slow response.
  • Mistakes and unnecessary rework.
  • Poor customer service.
  • Risk of data loss.
  • Non-compliance with regulation.
  • Risk of legal action.
  • Ineffective sales.
  • Teams not working as teams.
  • Management with simply no real picture of whats going on.
  • Decision made on incomplete information.

Management Information System: Web-based Leave, Reimbursement, Advance and Travel Expense System.

DI Infotech have built Management Information System on a standard, non-proprietary Web-based architecture. With Management Information System, companies can harness their corporate information using existing systems. Management Information System ensures the peace of mind that today's technology will not become tomorrow's legacy problem.

Management Information System will enable you to:

  • Manage Employee Leave Request, Travel Request, Reimbursement expense related request, and Purchase expense related request in one place.
  • User/Employee Management module with provision to define supervisor for each employee.
  • Email Notifications for all leave, travel request and reimbursement and purchase expense related tasks & status
  • One click link to approval/status screens from emails.

Management Information System

Employee Leave Management

  • Handling of casual leaves (CL), earned leaves (EL) & sick leaves (SL)
  • Leave request form for employees
  • Check against leaves remaining & leaves accumulated
  • Check against weekends and holidays
  • Notifications to the supervisor for new leave request through email
  • Approval or Rejection process from supervisor
  • Notifications to the employee for approval or rejection through email
  • Leave carry forward to next year, using predefined rules

Employee Expense Management

  • Reimbursement Expense, Purchase Expense and Advance request form for employee
  • Notification to the supervisor for new expense request through email
  • Approval/Rejection by supervisor and national head/CFO.
  • Provision to approve lesser funds than requested
  • Comments with Approval/Rejection.
  • Notification to the admin/finance person for approved expense request through email
  • Funds release step by admin/finance department
  • Notifications to the employee for approval or rejection through email
  • Provision to view statement for expenses in cash and credit form in pdf format.

Document Management

  • Document downloads for employees – pdf, word, excel etc.
  • Upload facility for administrator of the system
  • Deleting of obsolete documents available to administrator
  • Download available to any employee.
  • Limited by the disk space of the hosting.

Available Reports

  • Leaves taken by employees in a year.
  • All expenses paid in a month/date range
  • Expenses requested/claimed by an employee in a month/date range.
  • Remaining Leaves for all employees
  • Expenses rejected in a given date range
  • Leave requests rejected in a given date range
  • Expenses by location of employee.

Admin Module

  • Maintain User Information.
  • Maintain Group and Group User information.
  • Maintain Department and Designation information.
  • Maintain Leave Master