IT Help Desk Management System

A centralized automated IT Service Desk Software is provided by DI Infotech to enhance the employee satisfaction in your organization. IT Yantra is refreshingly easy-to-use and quick-to-configure help desk software that generates help desk tickets and makes sure all the processes thereafter are implemented automatically. IT Yantra removes the pain of manual ticket generation and routing each ticket individually. In its place, the software tool creates systemised and automated problem solving method, right from incident creation and assigning technician, through SLA alerts and escalations to tracking each step of the response process.

Centralized Management Functionality

IT Yantra is tremendously useful for companies staffing more than 50 employees. By automating and centralizing help desk ticket generation, assigning, routing, escalating, and implementing, productivity can boost and operational workflow can become better organized, enabling clients to accomplish business objectives on or before time. In addition, IT Yantra provides users the option to submit ticket via multiple-channel, such as email, web, phone, mobile etc.

IT Yantra Web Help Desk builds a centralized internal knowledge repository, letting desk staffs, technicians and IT engineers to share content, integrate reporting and consolidate response via cloud, all of this hassle free.

Predefined Responses Streamlines Processes

You are now given the power to streamline IT service management for the tool enables IT teams to build predefine responses and create FAQs to solve common problems faster. It also integrates your help desk with regular IT asset management tools and permits you to keep track of phones, computers, monitors and the entire IT infrastructure, whether your employee is in office or away from desk.

The self-service employee portal allows you to spend less time on answering common IT management questions, such as password resets.

Track Metrics Faster, Ensuring No Errors

IT Yantra comes with pre-built reporting system that allows users to track metrics, such as response time and time to resolve, proactively. It further allows you to identify the type of issues that require more work, and suggest self-service tools or automated processes to disregard such cumbersome work. This automated system at the end help measure team performances, recognize process inefficiency and track service satisfaction, which eventually allow organizations to make decisions.

Key Features

  • Easy to set-up, easy to customise, and requires no intuitive training for installation.
  • Provide multi-channel support, including via email, phone, chat, manual and self-service.
  • Highly engaging and interacting service desk system.
  • Get all information and data, from acquisition to expiry at your fingertips.
  • Organize and maintain records of hardware, software, contracts and other assets comprehensively.
  • Cost effective and extremely responsive mobile help desk service app for iOS and Android apps.