Staff Augmentation Services in Delhi

DI. Infotech is known as the best company for its Top Staff Augmentation Services in New Delhi , we are different in this as we choose the right talent to deploy a technology is more complex than choosing the technology itself. While technology is expensive, people who build software based on technology are equally worthy. DI Infotech is known to be one of the pioneers of IT staff augmentation in Delhi. IT Staff Augmentation is an important model that bridges the gap between talent demand and supply in offshoring projects. We help you divide project management development and delivery between off-shore and on-site team based on project complexity and risks involved.

At DI Infotech, we hire developers from our extensive database for all business requirements.

We will ramp up a fine team of talent for your project by following a meticulous process:

  • Understand and pen down the selection parameters
  • Pursue suitable talent pool
  • Schedule skype interviews
  • Set test assignments
  • Recruit talent as per project or agreement basis

Been the Leading IT Staff Augmentation agency Delhi we are preferred by clients because of following reasons:

Why Leading Companies Partner With DI Infotech?

  • We assign a project manager for each project, who makes sure the project development and delivery takes place on time as committed. Our project manager helps minimise additional cost incurred on project over-run.
  • Our experienced and versatile pool of talents help lower your employment cost significantly by providing quick, effective and proactive resolutions.
  • We ensure transparent dealing, a key to smooth project outsourcing; hence we proffer direct communication with our team members at any given point of development process.
  • We also offer flexible resource management that involves addition, replacement or removal of team members based on project requirement.
  • At regular intervals, a progress report is sent to clients that help them measure the project work progress.
  • A long term relationship is built on trust and safety. With that not as one of our visions, DI Infotech guarantees to maintain a highly secured IT infrastructure by adhering to our “Non-Disclosure Agreement”