Human Resource Management System Software

A 100% Web-based solution that offers a fast, easy method of automating employee leave, reimbursement and attendance processes. DI Infotech is in the market with the Best HR Software for all our potential clients.

As recently as five years ago, an automated HR management system was not a must-have application. Many companies still used manual processes to apply for leave, reimbursement expenses timesheets and manage employee scheduling and attendance. Today, however, HR Management system is as crucial to an organization. Our HRMS is among the Best HR Software Solutions in 2019

Complete Web Based HR Portal System:

DI InfoTech has built HR Portal System on a standard, non-proprietary Web-based architecture. With HR Portal, companies can harness their corporate information using existing systems. HR Portal ensures the peace of mind that today's technology will not become tomorrow's legacy problem.

Features of Web based HR Portal System:

  • Manage Employee database,salary info, leaves, reimbursement and attendance in one place.
  • Streamline time, attendance, and payroll processing by automating procedures, properly applying company policies to time transactions, and objectively enforcing policies for the entire workforce.
  • Provide employees with self-service capabilities to acquire their own related information (e.g... leaves, reimbursement expenses, outdoor duty etc.).
  • Allow businesses to focus on core competencies, rather than spending time managing employee time, attendance, leave management and reimbursement.
  • Intranet Portal with all the information including Company News, Mission Vision, Admin, Photo Album and also admin to modify all the information in the intranet admin.
  • Ability to provide periodic list of to-approve, to-do tasks for supervisors, HR and finance people.
  • Report for HR Management which includes.:
    • Number of new joiners in a given period
    • Department/functional list of employees
    • Details and salary of new joiners in a month
    • HR details change for employees in a month
    • Salary revision of existing employees in a month
    • Employee deductions in a month
  • Ability to provide periodic list of Employee Request History.