Fixed Cost

Fixed Cost is one of the most profitable and cost effective models of outsourcing for companies that face frequent technology hindrances. In our fixed cost approach, we cover all aspects of IT development offshore projects, from resource management, development, deployment to support and maintenance, at a fixed price.

Here’s a list of functions that we do in fixed cost model:

  • In the requirement gathering phase, our appointed project manager goes through the technology obstacles that your company faces. The project manager then creates a detailed report about your problem domain, existing systems and IT challenges.
  • We analyse the complex areas that needs resolution based on the requirement gathered and propose a comprehensive solution.
  • We make two types of ‘timeline and cost breakdown’ proposals: Core features and functionality (that’s a must have in your project) and Augmented features and functionality (good to have to enhance company efficiency).
  • Once the features are decided we plan the scope, timeline and cost according to your project budget. It is also known as balancing triple constrains.
  • Once our proposal is approved by you, we initiate the project Phase wise or Milestone wise, depending on your prerequisites.
  • Once the software application is developed, we install it in your system environment. The phase is called User Acceptance Test (UAT)
  • Based on the UAT, we rectify errors and fix programming issues.
  • Post all the trial and error phases we install the final product in to your environment.
  • We provide continuous support and maintenance as committed.

Benefits of Outsourcing To Us

  • A fixed cost will be provided well in advance for your consideration. This will help you to keep a check on your budget.
  • Your IT project will be managed and controlled by a proficient Project Manager; including resource employment, installation, maintenance and support.
  • Rest assure of the technicalities as we shall be liable for all technical risks the project may (or may not) encounter.
  • Before the project is initiated we sign a Service Level Agreement, which states that DI Infotech takes complete accountability for the project.
  • Our project manager will be your single point of contact ensuring continuous and seamless communication and coordination.