Quality Assurance

Quality is our paramount parameter when it comes to project delivery. We make sure our product quality is in par with our three fundamentals of project development – Scope, Time and Cost.

Here’s How We Unfold Our Testing Strategy

Unit Testing

We test each component (unit) of the project when it is being implemented in source code. We apply white box testing techniques that involve specific paths in control structure to ensure maximum detection of errors.

Integration Testing

We perform integration testing when we face dual issues: between design and construction or verification and construction.

Validation Testing

Validation is similar to a grade certificate that states that the end product qualifies all the objectives established for software functions, behaviour, and performance during software analysis and conceptualisation.

System Testing

System testing involves evaluation of overall system performance, where all the elements of the project as a whole are tested to see if they coincide and correlate effectively.

System testing quality assurance involves the following sub modules:

  • Recovery testing
  • Security testing
  • Stress testing
  • Performance testing

We Follow Meticulous Testing Approaches

Functional Testing

The functions of software are evaluated to see that they perform as per design speculations.

Regression Testing

Regression testing ensures that software performance is steady even in changing environments. This helps us to ascertain the scalability and reliability of software.

Negative Testing

Negative or exceptional testing involves voluntary inclusions of errors in to the system to check if the system functions perfectly in unusual circumstances.

Performance Testing

Performance testing involves overseeing the run time of the software in preferred environment.

Platform Compatibility Testing

The test helps us to validate that our developed software runs smoothly in different platforms and browsers such as Operating Systems, Web servers, Application Servers and Database servers.

Usability Testing

This testing allows us to determine if our developed software is user friendly and easy to navigate.

Installation Testing

Every software requires an efficient Installer. We make sure the installer is active, and effectively links our developed project.