Manage Yantra

Manage Yantra is a powerful asset tracking platform, brought to you by DI Infotech that helps you discover a new and innovative way to manage and re-employ IT assets at a reduced cost. We use latest intelligence to offer enhanced every day work experience. If IT assets are not assessed and managed effectively and continually, eventually companies will waste a significant amount of their IT investment year after year. Wastage may be the in the form of purchasing new hardware and software, paying outsourcing companies for maintenance and support of unused assets, and continuing to support assets that aren’t worth. Stimulating and proactive insights on IT asset expenditure and use is need of the day.

We Help You Discover Your IT Asset Potential

DI Infotech’s years of experience has made us one of the strongest players in asset management, and hence we know the intricacies of various asset management tools, techniques, and data and know how to use them to maximise investment cost. Our savvy asset management software, Manage Yantra, recognises assets that aren’t being used but are eating up the maintenance and support cost, understands when existing assets could be reused, and identifies those assets that should have been retired long ago.

Easily Adaptive and Highly Flexible

Whether you are in the office or travelling, Manage Yantra Asset Tracking and Management platform’s intuitive interface makes your job easy, flexible, and operable on multiple devices. This can make everyone in your organization quickly habituate to the platform and access everything they need with regards to your asset without having to change any hardware. The software also provides you with a detailed analysis of your entire IT infra by performing automated and unattended inventory of the devices connected to the network.

Improves Your IT Support Performance and Risk Management

Manage Yantra uplifts the health of the asset information by retrieving data in real-time and providing asset-related information as and when needed to the relevant IT operational staffs and the management. Time-to-time information and continuous asset management support, such as problem and change management, demand and capacity management with data, paves way for faster and accurate decision making and enhance result quality.

From IT asset purchase/procurement, through implementation and maintenance through disposal, we take care of the entire asset lifecycle. Manage Yantra make sure none of the organizational resources, from business operations to reputation, employee health to customer health and databases, are exposed to any kind of risk at various stages of asset lifecycle.

Key Features Include

  • Enables centralised and automated tracking and managing of IT hardware and software.
  • Replaces time-consuming spreadsheet work and enables data import/export from and to Excel
  • Free and highly intuitive mobile app that can be synced with cloud, allowing you to track assets from anywhere
  • Customise field options to suit your business prerequisites
  • Enables asset monitoring and reporting at different scenarios, such as change in software and hardware, change in licenses or change in workstation allocation
  • Provides full-visibility and control of assets by tracking every network modification
  • Effectively track, plan, procure, and manage software licences for effective cost management and for vendor software license audit
  • Take remote control of your work station for managing and decision making
  • Fosters deployment of software asset resources where they are most needed, thus reducing asset wastage