Agile software development methodology (introduced in 2001) delivers products in pieces or ‘sprints’ – short, time-boxed iterations (2 – 3 week-cycle). This enables software engineers, cross-functional teams, testers, and project heads to improve the quality of the product with each release through constant customer feedback. It also allows a better level of collaboration between the development teams. So, if you are looking for a custom software development company in Delhi, choose a firm that uses agile methodologies to build custom products. 

 Reasons that Support the Need for An Agile IT Software Company in Delhi

Before Agile, IT software company in Delhi followed a more systematized approach to product development and testing that included preset steps or phases from start to finish. Each step covered specific tasks, and development teams weren’t allowed to deviate from them. As a result, there were a lot of processes and documentation involved, and the series of steps caused delays in delivery and implementation with little scope to fulfill customer demands. 

Why does Agile Development Matter Now? 

Agile can transform project development rapidly since everything works simultaneously. Once one iteration completes, it is sent for review and testing and then for customer approval. The feedback learned after each iteration is captured and used in future sprints.

 The agile methodology also saves customers’ development costs and time and improves software development life-cycle, leaving end-users happy and returning. Furthermore, businesses that adapt to agile can also adapt to the technological evolution and business change rather rapidly, as they are designed to work at speed. Meaning that they can quickly react when change takes place, such as entering new business territories or enhancing customer experiences. 

7 Reasons Why You Should Work with an Agile Software Development Company in Delhi?

End-users involvement doubles, providing complete development visibility and transparency. Continuous feedback and thorough planning further allow software development companies to deliver value from the beginning. 

  1. Reduces product maintenance tasks, such as testing, refactoring, and defect resolution. Defects are fixed along with feature development. 
  2. Teams quickly adapt to customer demands and need changes in upcoming sprints. 
  3. Teams work closely to ensure customers’ demands are met, resulting in heightened creativity and complete transparency. 
  4. As teams get feedback from customers almost daily, it allows them to determine and stay on the right track, minimizing testing and risks. 
  5. Since feature development happens in sprints and issues are addressed daily and immediately, it gives more time for developers to perfect those features before delivery.
  6. At the end of each sprint, you will get a new set of features developed to perfection. 
  7. With user-focused testing, better product quality, increased project control, accurate TAT, and faster ROI, Agile-based software development companies in Delhi, like DIInfotech, can deliver better customer satisfaction. 

Agile development has found new popularity as it shakes things up to do faster. DI Infotech is one of the top software companies in Delhi and is here to reshape workplaces with agile methodology. 

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