eCommerce is the only business model that has grown tremendously during the pandemic. With the advent of QCommerce and increased smartphone usage, eCommerce will soon become a boon to many businesses’ existence. In fact, several brands have saved themselves by transforming their brick-and-mortar business into online stores, while many others have experienced greater results by combining both. 

But do small businesses struggle?

However, as an eCommerce website development company in Delhi, we have noticed small businesses struggling to establish themselves in the online space, despite having great products and services. Huge investment, lack of knowledge in tools and technology, and insufficient guidance are the reasons they often quote.

However, even if you are a small business owner, implementing an eCommerce platform like Shopify can bring about a number of advantages to your business. And if you are looking forward to taking the jump into the online space, there is nothing better than leveraging the power of Shopify website development services in Delhi.

Shopify Advantages for Small Businesses

Shopify is one of the most popular platforms for eCommerce website development. While we can go on and on about it, listed here are only 3 worthy reasons why Shopify is an excellent option for small businesses.

It is Cheaper than Most the Platforms

Shopify is not only impressive for eCommerce store development, but it is also affordable. You can have your storefront for just $10 per month (the Lite plan is available for business owners who want to sell directly from their websites or Facebook accounts). You can customize a professional eStore for $29 per month. However, when you break down the actual cost of the free solutions, Shopify offers excellent value.

As a SaaS platform, you needn’t worry about low quality, overcrowded servers, low reliability, and poor support, as with many other “free” open-source eCommerce solutions. From server updates to security to backups and redundancy, everything will be taken care of by Shopify-certified experts.

Shopify also doesn’t charge for set up and installation or ask you to sign long-term agreements – a perfect opportunity for small businesses to go online without much money.

Extremely Easy to Manage

Again, as a SaaS, Shopify provides everything to you that makes store management easy and comprehensive, including admin and front-end support. Small businesses aim to focus on their products and services and may not want to deal with servers, software updates, firewalls, and hundreds of other things. Having someone who can handle all these and knows the ins and outs of cybersecurity and legal views is a boon. Shopify experts do this on your behalf.

Thousands of Irresistible Features and Tools

Even at the Basic level, Shopify still offers the most amazing features for online small businesses. The platform lets you add and integrate shipping, inventory, logistics, multi-language, multi-currency, and manage products. You can also integrate Shopify with CRM, social media channels, Google shopping, and other remarkable tools needed to develop a user-experience-rich web/mobile application.

And what’s best? One of the most significant advantages of choosing a Shopify eCommerce website development service in Delhi is that you needn’t worry about upgrading your eStore as your business grows. Shopify also gives you various tools to run your business – accounting, marketing, reports, and more. You can add and remove these tools based on your business needs, meaning Shopify will scale as your business evolves and reaches new heights.

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