Did you know CRM is one of the most important tools that define an eCommerce business’s success?

Didn’t know? Ask any top CRM software company, and they will confirm it.

eCommerce in India is booming, and how!

Today every brand, whether a product, service, retail, or wholesale, sells online through a website, mobile application, or social media to provide an omnichannel shopping experience to its customers. Q-Commerce has taken the game one notch higher. Q Commerce brands not only promise to deliver flawless products and services but deliver in less than 15 mins.

However, no matter how great your products are, today’s eCommerce is about unparalleled customer experience. It is because the customer lifecycle in the digital world, particularly in Delhi, is much shorter and faster, which means your efforts must be 3X more than what you exerted a couple of years ago.

But eCommerce Has Challenges…

But once your website designing company in Delhi helps you launch your online store, you’d immediately realize that your competitors are lurking in the shadows, watching every step of yours and waiting for one mistake so that they can pull your customers to them.

This is where an eCommerce CRM software company will come to your aid.  An eCommerce website development company in Delhi, like DI Infotech, develop customized CRM software applications to help online businesses and brands convert their website visitors to loyal, long-term customers who will keep buying their products for years, despite new entrants in the market.

This potentially leads to stable ROI, better branding, and a stronger market position.

What is an eCommerce CRM?

CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management, a software application that helps you store relevant data and information about your current and potential customers in a central location.

The information can be accessed on any device or channel at any place, allowing you to have real-time information on your business operations, sales opportunities, and retention tactics.

Companies offering IT services in Delhi have the skills and infrastructure to develop custom CRM applications.

CRM is a treasure trove for eCommerce businesses as it can expertly organize all information related to customer interaction and help you communicate with your customers at multiple stages of their buying journey.


What are the Benefits of CRM?

With CRM’s advanced technology, you can know every minute detail about your customers, from what they are searching on your website, what they like, what they purchase frequently, what time they are more active on your application, and how they pay.

Improves Customer Experience with Your Brand

The CRM software collects, stores, and shares necessary information about customers, such as purchase history, payment history, complaints and previous conversations, and demographics across all channels – web, app, social media, and physical store.

This ensures employees across all sales points have all the important information at their fingertips to improve customer experience.

Automatically Generates Reports to Save Time

CRM is a process automation software solution that provides a deeper understanding of a customer.  Automated reports from multiple touchpoints help marketing, sales, and customer care teams create personalized promotional strategies, leverage more sales, provide better after-sales customer service, and boost retention and loyalty.

Increases Business and Staff Efficiency

Since everything is automated with CRM software, it reduces manual and repetitive tasks, like entering customer name and address or credit card details. It improves efficiency when performing important activities, ensuring everything is administered at the right time.

Employees can easily access this stored information anytime and communicate through phone, emails, or even text chat.

For instance, when a customer calls on the help line, the CRM will automatically trace the customer details, generate necessary information, such as name, order history, and any open complaints, and share it with the operator, even before she or he answers the call.

Segments of Customers Based on Multiple Criteria

Every business, eCommerce or not, must cater to and nurture its customers according to their preferences, past orders, demography, and present status in the sales funnel. Marketing teams cannot use the same promotional strategy, ad copy, or solution for all customers.

A CRM solution developed by the top CRM software company in Delhi can help businesses categorize or segment their customers into different groups based on different aspects, like age, location, gender, order history, interests, wishlists, etc., and deliver a personalized experience. This will lead to better conversion and retention.  

Saves Employees’ Time and Improves their Productivity

As a business grows, administrative activities, supply chains, and grievances also grow. A large amount of time might go into managing and executing these tasks and problems effectively.

CRM eliminates this problem by streamlining and automating tasks and making everything real-time, allowing businesses to focus on product expansion, branding, customer engagement, and retention. Process automation further reduces errors and improves business efficiency, employee productivity, and satisfaction. 

DI Infotech provides customized IT services in Delhi for eCommerce brands and businesses. CRM development is one of them, and automation is our core competency. If you want to know more, contact our technical expert here.

Create Better Loyalty Programs

The cost of retaining old customers is much less than the cost of getting new buyers. Loyalty programs promise to generate more sales with utmost customer satisfaction strategies.

CRM helps you fetch the right data needed to create better loyalty programs. For instance, TATA 1MG adds 50 NeuCoins to the wallet of their regular customers to allure them to shop from the application.

Using order history, CRMs easily analyze and provide discounts, loyalty points, and offers on products that customers like to purchase often.

Why Do You Need a Customized CRM for Your eCommerce Business? What are the Benefits?

You may probably wonder why to invest in a customized solution when you have the standard CRM solution for your business. But if you consider most regular CRMs, they are built for B2B businesses that rely on sales executives to log information for each customer. You might see them installed in pharmacies, hospitals, clinics, and other physical stores.

 While the regular CRMs may have some unique features like process automation, etc., they lack the crux of any eCommerce business – gather customer information from websites, social media channels, and other systems without being nosy, and track their browsing behavior to generate a 360-degree view of their purchase journey.

For instance, when a website visitor clicks on a product and saves it in her wishlist, the CRM will route this information to sales agents, giving them enough time to create a personalized offer for the selected product. Example: Price Dropped on Your Wishlist Item.

As a CRM software company offering website development services in Delhi for the past 17 years, we guarantee that eCommerce CRM will give brands more information about their customers’ behaviors than any other tool, strategy, or even a human being.

An eCommerce CRM developed by only an expert website designing company in Delhi will give you information on why visitors choose your brand, buy a particular product, and what they expect from you.

Looking for solutions to expand your eCommerce fashion business and gain 2X more customers in a month? Contact DI Infotech Website Development Company in Delhi. We can provide different ideas based on your business goals and budget.

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