As the leading .NET Company in Delhi, we constantly upgrade our knowledge. Therefore, we know for sure that the latest changes in .NET 6 Core will be truly remarkable for developers and end users. And as Microsoft .NET 6 starts a new journey for the modern-day web, mobile, desktop, and cloud applications, let us share with you .NET 6’s best new features that wooed us. 

Microsoft .NET 6 combines .NET Core, .NET Framework, and Xamarin and Mono technologies into a single, superlative framework, merging the SDK and runtime for all applications. The .NET 6 has been available for use since November 2021 alongside Visual Studio 2022 and C# 10. The .NET 6 not only improves the development lifecycle but also adds critical productivity enhancers – it is the fastest .NET, besides being a Long-Term Support (LTS) release with Microsoft support for at least three years. 

In simple words, .NET 6 is here to stay for years. And so, if you are looking for a dot net development company in India, ensure they are skilled to work with .NET 6. 

PS .NET 6 is not compatible with Visual Studio 2019 or Visual Studio for Mac 8. Therefore, you’d want to upgrade your Visual Studio before starting this .NET platform. 

What’s New with .NET 6 – Best Features of .NET 6 Core

The all-new .NET 6 platform with enhanced features is unified for all types of applications – IoT, desktop, mobile, web, and cloud – meaning it makes sure that the codes executed on these apps behave exactly the same. This is possible because the underlying platform supports different types of applications making re-using codes across all apps easy. 

One of the best introductions we really enjoyed using is the .NET MAUI (.NET Multi-platform APP UI). .NET MAUI allows writing for an application that provides advanced experience for clients across web, desktop, and mobile simultaneously. 

Profile-Guided Optimization 

Profile-Guided Optimizing (PGO) enables the improved JIT (Just in Time) compiler to create optimized codes based on the most frequently used codes and types. The garbage collector, as well as Guid and String system types, also have received a good upgrade. 

Faster Performance 

As we remarked earlier, .NET 6 reduces execution time, latency, and memory use, thanks to async file 1/O performance, which is a result of rewriting the FileStream class.  

Unified Platform Support

.NET 6 makes the life of developers much simpler by providing a uniform platform for developing apps that can operate on any device or OS. This means all .NET 6 apps use the same .NET libraries.

Coding enhancements like source generators and analyzers will allow developers to write better codes faster and safely. 

New Capabilities for C# 010 and F#10 

Introduction of Lambda, record structs and implicit usage capabilities improve C# 10 performance. Similarly, pipeline debugging and task-based async are exclusive improvements to F# 6 

Better Security 

The ChaCha20Poly1305 encryption scheme, OpenSSL, and defense-in-depth run time mitigations improve the security of applications considerably. In addition, the cloud diagnostics have also been upgraded, which is exclusively available with Azure App Service. 

Microsoft plans to support .NET 6 until November 2024. The premium benefits of .NET core 6 will improve development time and offer unified runtime, making this one of the most significant releases of the .NET ecosystem. As it allows us to create a cross-platform framework with ease and efficiency, Dot. Net development companies need not have to maintain multiple codebases to create native applications for three different operating systems. 

.NET 6 is soon going to be the default Microsoft application development platform, and if you are looking for an IT company in Delhi that has .NET experts working with .NET 6 to outsource your business requirements, connect with DI InfoTech – the best development company in India with certifications in Microsoft Asp.Net platforms.

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