Are you a fresh graduate and looking for a professional career in best software Development Company in Delhi and wondering what is the best choice to work for then let me help you understand a few career options among the top IT companies in Delhi NCR.

1. Development profiles: most graduates look this as the best option to go for initially as it gives you an opportunity to work in bigger brands and with assured better packages. However development profile is subdivided into

A. Back end developer: In this profile the professional focus on the server side coding. The main focus is on scripting, database and architecture of the website. The scripting is done in either of these languages like java, python or ruby. This is highly skilled profile and expertise in this field is highly paid.

B. Front end Developer: This profile the expert need to work on client side coding. The skill here need to have the ability to convert backed developer data created into a graphical interface. In this profile the knowledge in HTML, CSS and JavaScript is main. Many Website Designing Company in Delhi (India) are now hiring more of front end developers on higher packages.

C. Mobile application developer: Since everything is getting accessible on apps now a days the profile in mobile development is the boom in the market right now. They have the knowledge in both back end and front end UI development. This profile has maximum number of job openings across globe.

2. Graphic Designer: A professional person experienced in making the UI, look and feel of the web is one who handles all HTML and css related work. There are many certifications which are done in this field and that help you attain better work position in companies. Based on the experience and the innovative designs the salary may vary largely in this field.

3. Digital marketing expert: This field doesn’t need you to have a b-tech degree and just be doing a course in digital marketing from a renowned center like DI Infotech you can easily get a Job in any MNC. The course trains you in SEO, content writing, ecommerce marketing, Social media, email marketing, mobile marketing and video and audio production. Based on your interest you can choose any of the either single option or could be an expert in more than one. This is totally dependent on your caliber and interest. The benefit of this profile is along with working with any MNC you could start working as a freelancer and can earn really well.

4. Quality assurance: Any IT company in Delhi   is incomplete without quality analysis be your website or mobile app. Anything developed in house or used for our clients it is always tested and reviewed by quality analyst . The testing process is a vital step as all the coder / programmer once build the website then its functionality and accessibility is handled by Quality expert. The salary in this profession is based on the number of years of expertise and also certifications done regularly.

So by opting any of the above mentioned role you could easily get a job in any startup or a bigger brand in Delhi NCR. Also most agencies look for IT Consultancy Services in Delhi which hire fresher’s or experienced in these roles on a regular basis.


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