Custom websites and mobile applications are feasible, niche-customer-oriented, and deliver innovative results. You can hire a Custom Software Development Company in Delhi to build software applications that offer unique advantages and operational competences. However, tailor-made software applications tend to be more expensive than standard products, as they require more hours to develop, test, and deploy. 

But you can reduce your development cost with few tried and tested strategies without compromising on the quality.

Here’s how you can do so.

  • Compare the hourly rate and the fixed price of the project. If you have a clear set of requirements, then choose a fixed price module. However, if the scope is unclear, select an hourly package with limited hours, say 40 hours, and ask for ad-hoc hourly rates for additional labor requirements.
  • To compare prices with other vendors, ask your custom software development company in Delhi to submit estimation in terms of the cost of the project (in dollars) and estimated hours of labor. A company proposing fewer hours can potentially be more productive.
  • The vendor location is very important. Smaller countries and non-metropolitan cities are cost-effective than bigger countries and metro cities. This is one of the reasons why custom software development is outsourced to India as we reduce costs by 40%. 
  • Assumptions and poor communication can increase the cost of custom development by 30%. Therefore, ensure your requirements are clear so that there’s no space for assumptions and theories. Right from your administrative privileges to what your consumers should expect from you, everything should be mentioned in the scope. Prevent ambiguities because vendors tend to account for the ambiguities and increase charges. 
  • Consider the project development approach – traditional or agile. The process can have a major impact on your final price. For instance, the traditional approach spends unnecessary time on planning and working on features. The modern methodology purely works on Agile or Scrum methodology that supports incremental planning. In Agile, the customers are provided day to day updates where development is performed optimally. This will also make sure that you aren’t billed for unnecessary hours. 

Choose semi-custom or modular development for a less expensive alternative. In modular development, developers use pre-established and tested components to develop legacy products. The best software development company in Delhi, NCR will be able to analyze potential resources from code libraries, web services, and data architecture to deliver innovative solutions.

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