This year will be all about deploying cutting-edge technologies to aid business operations to perform with increased efficacy and agility. With a high surge in online businesses, thanks to the Covid-19 pandemic, we have observed a massive shift in business software development. Instead of developing new products, companies will try to use new software development tools and disruptive technologies to improve their performance and security.

Progressive Web Applications (PWA) as a Solution

Businesses that cannot afford native applications will preferably shift to PWAs. Although PWAs vary from iOS and Android mobile applications, they provide almost the same speed, user experience, security, and quality at a reasonable price. Contact best ASP.Net Development Company in Delhi, India, for promising and affordable Progressive Web Applications. 

Life-Changing Projects with the Internet of Things

Yes, IoT has been trending for quite some time now. While it may not be a new thing in our lives, it will be a significant contributor to making our everyday activities pleasurable, comfortable, and simple. You can expect life-changing developments with IoT. The changes will most probably help the work-from-home staff make their homestay enjoyable and even more productive.

AI will Follow Suit

IoT and AI go hand in hand. So, if the former boosts, the latter will follow Suit. Artificial Intelligence will be embraced widely to follow COVID-19 norms, such as maintain social distancing, automate processes, identify infected people, and, most importantly, find out how customers react to changing policies. AI may also help to predict behaviors and buying trends. For instance, anti-counterfeit tags (QR Codes) on product packaging will help improve brand-customer loyalty. 

Integration of Blockchain 

Blockchain technology will boost and gain maximum momentum. It shall be deployed for its acute transparency, the capability to uproot frauds, and provide comprehensive security firewalls during business transactions. 

Cloud-Centric Software Development 

There has been a boost of 25% in cloud-centric software development or cloud migration in the last two quarters of 2020. To benefit the remote working environment, cloud technology will be heavily deployed across many industries in 2021. The earlier you get in touch with a custom software development company in Delhi, the better will your growth be. 

Development of Native Applications 

In order to provide the best experience to their customers and stay commercially viable, businesses will incline towards native applications. We will see a massive demand for top software development company in Delhi for Android and iOT developers.

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