Security is one of the common concerns when eCommerce businesses decide to establish Shopify stores. Although, it is not the first thing that comes to mind when thinking of providing a seamless customer experience. As online commerce involves monetary transactions and dealing with highly confidential information, such as card details, mailing addresses, and contact numbers, a loss of data or a breach of data can immediately hurt customer trust, leading to irreversible damage. As a leading eCommerce website development services in Delhi, we know that security is the crux of any eCommerce website.

And without proper measures and protocols, online businesses and their website designing company in Delhi is putting themselves and their customers at risk of different threats. 

Shopify makes this simple and secure for its users and end-customers with its wide range of security and data protection solutions. In this blog, we will discuss one of them – security badges. 

What Are Shopify Trust (Security) Badges

Trust badges are symbols, such as icons and images, that reassure customers that they can safely transact money on your website. Security badges display a website’s security feature, trusted partnership, or customer-friendly policy. 

Security badges provide an easy way to increase confidence among site visitors, reduce bounce rates and cart abandonment, and boost sales. 

If you are an agency that offers Shopify website development company in Delhi, you must promote the following security badges on your customer’s eCommerce site. 

  • Store Policies
  • eCommerce Partnerships
  • Payment Methods
  • Security Features 

Five Must-Have Website Security Badges, as Suggested by Top Software Companies in Delhi

There are different types of trust badges that improve the customer conversion rate on your eCommerce store. Each has its own value and capabilities. While all can improve your store’s reliability, you can select the ones that impact your store’s achievement the best. We have mentioned five must-have security badges for Shopify eCommerce stores. 

Note that this is part of our IT services in Delhi. You can contact our expert if you want to add security badges to your site. We will help you.

Payment Accepted Badge

If you are an eCommerce store selling multiple branded products, such as Swiggy Instamart, Grozo, and BigBasket, this one’s for you. An Accepted Payment Badge enhances your site’s credibility and shows your customers that it is safe to enter their card details. If you have different payment systems listed on your website, such as Visa, Maestro, MasterCard, American Express, and PayPal, you can get a great line of payment processor badges for your website. 

Safe Checkout Badge

The SSL (Secure Socket Layer)Certification is the most common and important security badge for Shopify eCommerce businesses. The https:// that prefaces a URL is the symbol of SSL certification and helps customers know that several regulations recognize your site.

It reassures customers that the checkout process is secure, data and information are encrypted, and the network connection is safe.

Money-Back Guaranteed Badges

A very common marketing technique, money-back guaranteed badges can take your business higher than you imagined. This badge gives customers relief and safety while purchasing a product. This is a free badge option – you can make your own badge, get it free from other sites, get a printable version, or design one yourself.

Third-Party Endorsements

Do you want to instill solid trust in your customer? Get a third-party endorsement badge, which shows that big names like Google or BBB org recognize your brand. 

To get the badge, you have to apply for it, adhere to the organization’s standards, get your website reviewed by the organization, and get the badge. 

Google Trusted Store Badge is a widely recognized badge that can improve your Shopify store credibility. To be eligible for the Badge, you will have to meet the requirements of Google, such as Google Customer Reviews. 

Once your application is accepted and the eCommerce store verified, Google will conduct surveys with your customers and evaluate the reviews. If the reviews are satisfactory enough, you will be given the badge. 

Free Shipping and Return Badge

This badge can boost your sales manifold times. Who doesn’t enjoy easy returns or exchanges? This is one of the many reasons Flipkart and Amazon are famous, and people like buying from these sites, even if a brand has its own website. This badge highlights your store policy, reliability, and superior level of customer service. 

It also gives customers the needed faith in online shopping. This badge is completely free and customizable.

To add the badges, you have to edit your Shopify theme. While this task isn’t as risky as you think, we can help you with it so that you don’t lose anything in your theme. We are one of the leading software companies in Delhi and an expert Shopify website development company in Delhi with 17 years of experience in website design, development, and support services. 

We will back up your theme before changing anything. 

Adding badges may take time and money, but with an increase in trust, conversion, and credibility, the investment is nothing in comparison. 

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