Running a manufacturing business requires a keen understanding of the transformative impact proper and timely production scheduling can have. Smart production planning and control software stand as the cornerstone of any successful production operation. It can seamlessly coordinate various processes, ensuring alignment among team members and that they adhere to a unified plan.

Production planning and control widely varies with each industry. Many businesses prefer using manual systems or spreadsheets, while most modern production centers rely on ERP or production inventory management software solutions. When a plan is implemented, the production team starts with the dispatch list, which contains the essential data that enables them to kickstart the plan and initiate a proper execution.

Drawbacks of Manual Inventory Control Systems

Manual production scheduling has several drawbacks. We have outlined a few of them below:

  • Requires a crucial amount of time and effort from production managers and their teams, which may double the overhead costs.
  • Collecting data, analyzing information, creating and updating spreadsheets every day, ensuring teams are on the same page by talking to them personally, and coordinating various processes are time-consuming and tedious tasks that are prone to human errors.
  • Traditional systems often lack flexibility, making it challenging for production teams to address unexpected challenges and last-minute changes.
  • Traditional tools like spreadsheets or charts also lack visibility and transparency. Unless someone manually updates, it’s difficult to get a clear view of production capacities, real-time inventory, or employee schedules.
  • Slow traditional processes can lead to poor resource utilization, resource misallocation, production and delivery delays, and overall organizational inefficiency.

Why Businesses are Still Using Outdated Production Planning Software

Despite this, many small to medium-sized companies continue to prefer traditional and rigid production planning and scheduling over modern tools. The reluctance could be for various reasons:

  • Resistance to change
  • Employees are accustomed to the manual process
  • Lack of easy-to-use and easy-to-implement production planning and scheduling software
  • Fear of unknown. In this case, the transition to a new and unknown software
  • Fear of disrupting established routines
  • Lack of awareness of new technology and the long-term cost benefits it offers
  • Lack of trust in the software development company in Delhi
  • Production managers also fear that new technologies require time, cost, and training investments, which might turn expensive
  • Affordability can be an issue, especially for small to medium-sized companies

Why Use Production Planning and Control Software?

In reality, the long-term cost benefits associated with implementing modern production planning and control software can outweigh initial purchase costs by improving production efficiency, production outcome, and operational efficiency, reducing manual and inventory errors, optimizing resource allocation, and freeing up time for important tasks.

When your production and customer base is limited, you can plan and manage manufacturing without any problems. However, as orders grow, production management needs to be streamlined, or mismanagement can lead to delayed delivery and stock wastage, leading to negative revenue.

With DIInfotech’s comprehensive, cloud-based, and easy-to-implement production inventory management software, you can not only resolve all the issues but also improve revenue by upscaling production.

Things you can do with custom production planning and inventory control system:

  • Manage multiple projects effortlessly
  • Streamline and automate the planning of various tasks
  • Assign and manage job orders in real-time
  • Check and regulate inventory in real time
  • Approve orders for the supply chain in real-time
  • Keep your teams and staff updated and together on the same application
  • Review and assess production performance effectively
  • Create wage reports easily
  • Check raw materials consumed against each production order
  • Get real-time confirmation and updates on all activities
  • Manage products that need to be rectified
  • See status reports on all approved and rejected products
  • Schedule various processes on the go
  • Track shipment and delivery
  • Assess your entire production management – from order placement to delivery on your computer or mobile

DI Infotech’s customizable production planning and control software can help you streamline production planning, operations, and inventory and take your production planning to a better level. Whether you are manufacturing clothes, furniture, or hardware, our solution can help you maximize profits without breaking your bank.

Leverage the power of the best software development company in Delhi for your production planning. Connect with us.

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