ASP.Net Development Company in Delhi develops web applications using the DOT NET framework. The applications can range from simple websites to complicated ERPs that run on the cloud or local networks. You can build dynamic, data-driven website applications, such as Google, to simple HTML pages and content-driven web pages and web-based services using ASP.Net framework.

One Platform for Multiple Applications

You need to hire a .NET development company in Delhi to address all your software development requirements. Being an open-source, server-side platform, .NET offers vast language support. Trust .Net to build reusable code applications with programming languages, such as C++, JAVA, VB, C#, and many more. 

Besides, it is time for enterprises to shift their legacy applications to new, upgraded technologies. Among all technologies, such as PHP, Magento, HTML5, etc., Microsoft ASP.Net and ASP.Net Core, prove to be the most affordable and popular choices. 

Advantages of ASP.Net Technology

ASP.NET is one of the biggest and best achievements of Microsoft developers. It was created to build several dynamic, scalable, and comprehensive web applications that manage requests in run time. Applications built using ASP.Net can perform several tasks simultaneously, including client authentication, form submission, site configuration, and deployment. 

  • It provides the best application security, thanks to its in-built Windows authentication and application configuration. 
  • You can get your web application built in less time and money because ASP.Net is developers’ delight. Your ASP.NET Development company in Delhi can develop complex applications with minimal coding. This is because the framework is loaded with development-friendly features, such as WYSIWYG editing, drag, and drop server controls, and automatic deployment, besides Visual Studio Gallery Designer and Toolbox that provide access to dynamic templates, controls, and extensions. 
  • Being an Open Source platform, the source codes and HTML are readily available, making the web applications easily customizable and maintainable. 
  • Web applications and websites run faster on ASP.Net than PHP and WordPress because ASP.Net codes are compiled, where the compilation needs to be done only once while they can be executed several times. 
  • ASP.Net applications do not need IIS (Internet Information Server) hosting server, the expensive Windows hosting server anymore. Now Dot NET applications can be hosted on MacOS and Linux cost-effectively. 
  • Lastly, ASP.NET can use all popular databases for web application development, unlike its contemporaries, including MySQL, MongoDB, CouchDB, Microsoft SQL, and more. 

 Call your ASP.Net Development Company in Delhi for an application development estimation.

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