The Indian festive is the peak of the year when people indulge in online shopping for various products and services.  This means if you are a business that delivers services online and expecting a sales rush during the festivals, this is the perfect time to work with a website development company in Delhi to prepare your business for the upcoming festivities.

Hire an IT Company in Delhi to build a festival website, migrate to a newer platform, enhance your existing website with SEO strategies, or create a brand promotion plan to capture your customer’s attention and increase sales.

Read this post to learn how to boost your sales during the festivals with your website.

Tips to Make Your Website Festive for Indian Shoppers

During the festival season, people don’t mind spending online, and as an owner of an online business, you must prepare yourself to meet the rise in demand now. Whether it’s a product or a service, make sure you have enough in stock. Let’s read some of our website enhancements tips here.

Give Your Website a Festive Makeover

When was the last time you upgraded your website with fresh content?

There’s no time like the Indian festivals to change the look of your website with festive vibes.

You don’t have to change the entire look of your website. Ask the website designing company in Delhi to revamp the homepage alone or create a new landing page that promotes the best products and services you have.

Consider updating the banner images to something that suits the festival, like diyas and lights for Diwali, snow, and Santa for Christmas, and spider web during Halloween.

You can also update your entire site to highlight seasonal products and services. If you don’t have photographs or visual content to display, don’t fret. Highly-visible coupon codes and other festive offers can equally attract customers for holiday shopping. 

Run a Google Ad campaign on the landing page to maximize your marketing efforts.

Be Resourceful, Informative, and Trustworthy

Compile the major attractions of your products and services and display them on your home page. By doing so, you will be directing your potential customers to the products and services that are best fit for their needs.

Ensure your rewards, discounts, or festive sale products and services are clearly titled. There shouldn’t be any confusion about the purpose and result of your business offerings. Use the right keywords and detailed descriptions to give people enough information to make a purchase decision on the spot.

Remember that you have thousands of competitors, and all will be trying their best to stand out. So, give your page the needed support with quality and captivating content and images.

Work with a graphic designer who understands your brand’ and gives ideas about the best possible way to improve your website’s homepage.

Offer a Seamless and Beautiful Mobile Shopping Experience

Mobile eCommerce has boosted 100 times more in the last year.

Smartphones and tablets are the biggest drivers for festive shopping. As an eCommerce business, if you wish to encourage return traffic, make your website mobile friendly.

You must aim to provide a seamless and frictionless shopping experience to non-technical customers.

Make sure your ad campaigns revolve around all mobile browsers for maximum visibility. This means the website designing company in Delhi you work with must prioritize adaptive design to achieve your festive sales goals.

Also, ensure your website runs on the platform’s updated version for optimal security and user experience. For instance, if you are running your website on Magento 1 platform, migrate to Magento 2 for better website functionality.

DI Infotech is a good website development company in Delhi that offers mobile website optimization at affordable rates.  They also provide Flexible EMI options for eCommerce website development.

Improve Other Areas of Marketing and Promotion to Support Your Website

Having a high-performing website alone wouldn’t generate sales. The IT company in Delhi you work with must invest its time and energy in other marketing strategies to boost your website’s performance.

They include the following.

Reduce cart abandonment by making the purchase experience simple yet special.

  • Keep your ordering cost minimal or nil and transparent
  • Provide a quick checkout option
  • Provide special prices on festive products,
  • Strategically place your CTAs
  • Give cashback options

Improve your customer service for maximum retention.

For instance, make sure your products and services are delivered on time, you have easy return and refund policies, provide multiple payment options, send personalized festive greetings or freebies, and offer real-time order tracking.

Find and engage your customers via social media.

Social media has become a gold mine in customer conversions. It allows businesses to provide personalized service to each customer through DMs and chats. To improve your website sales, promote your product and services on social media and add a link to your website.

Hire a website development company in Delhi that offers additional services like digital marketing, website maintenance, and support services, and graphic designing solutions.

Bottom line

While the Indian festive season is a great time to boost sales, it also can be an opportunity to create lasting relationships with customers.

With online shopping becoming a smarter solution, making your website the crux of your ecommerce business will be your superlative power.

If you wish to revamp your website quickly and affordably for the holiday season, hire DI Infotech’s website development services in Delhi.

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