As a small business, it is imperative for you to invest in a digital marketing company in Delhi because unless you spend money in internet marketing – the most advanced marketing technique currently – you won’t be able to compete with your competitors. In fact, you will not even stand a chance to compete.

DIInfotech digital marketing agency urges both small and big enterprises, especially small businesses, to spend a meager amount in our services because in current age and time, trying to figure out how to increase sales rather than acting out will cost you thousands.

Fortunately, DIInfotech has aplenty of evidence-based digital marketing services, designed and implemented by certified marketing experts, that cater to a large number of industry verticals for SMEs.

Why Do You Need to Boost Your Brand Sales and Credibility through Inbound Marketing

In simple words, if even a small part of your company can conduct business on the internet and reach niche customers globally or nationally, you must consider digital marketing services.

Direct marketing is great and outbound too. Both are must to target local and geography-based clients. If you were to measure the reach via marketing, then outbound advertising, such as brochures, billboards, and pamphlets would help you.

But how can you measure sales from these reaches, and unless you don’t measure, how will you increase sales and reach more potential customers who are across borders?

For example, can you tell how many people actually read the brochure or saw the billboard or can you tell how many were actually interested? How would you calculate the return on investment?

Digital Marketing Tools Have the Answers

With Digital Marketing tools, you can not only measure the cost but also earn a profitable return on investment. And, what’s more? You spend money only for people who are interested in your products and respond to your ads.

How DIInfotech Advertising Works

As a leading digital marketing company in Delhi, we don’t blindly suggest solutions. This is because each brand or business deals with different things and delivers different results. Therefore, our team of experts connects and discuss with our clients to understand their nature of business, their target customers, the scope of their product and services and their infrastructure. And based on the analysis, they create advertising and branding strategies that help clients increase sales using internet marketing tools.

Customized digital marketing solution is what we believe in. Although you can have a look at our product portfolio on our site for an idea and quality check, we will not suggest any of them to you, even if you belong to the same industry. This is because your product differentiation is completely unique and exclusive from your competitor’s. While our digital tools will remain the same, the permutation and combination would differ. So will the marketing techniques and ad campaigns.

Things We Offer

We help you narrow down your target audience before delivering a perfect digital marketing solution. Narrowing down the audience doesn’t mean you exclude ideal customers. You don’t have to exclude important people, but choose only the meaningful ones for your product and services based on their interests, challenges, goals, location, choices, and association.

Once we have chosen your target audience, we implement relevant tools to appeal to this audience. We build ads and other marketing strategies to improve traffic percent and increase conversions.

We have 8+ Digital Marketing Services, 5+ Allied Services, and 6 Website Design and Development Solutions.

Just so you know, a website is the first and most important step in creating a strong digital presence. Google regards only those sites with the highest ranks, which are developed with good, error-free content and are optimized as per Google algorithms.

Our prominent, customizable digital marketing solutions include:

Search Engine Optimization:

We help you improve your unpaid search rankings on the SERP by adding relevant keywords, content, meta descriptions and tags, images, and other on-page and off-page strategies.

We have specialized and innovative SEO analysis and implementation solutions for E-Commerce brands that cover 10 distinguishing process steps to indorse websites.

Have you heard about Google Penalty? It is a serious problem, which can get your site to receive permanent black marks if you don’t recover in time. Call our technical experts and get your site tested for the Google penalty. If you are tested positive, we have a team of certified Google AdWords experts who can help you recover your site’s ranking on Google.

Social Media Marketing:

DIInfotech is one of the best digital marketing company in Delhi that is recognized for its unprecedented social media marketing strategies. Social media presence is Google’s apple of the eyes. If you are prominent on one or all of the social media platforms, Google will automatically prioritize your business or website over others.

That being said, we offer various social marketing strategies and tools, one or a combination of two or more will be used for building your brand presence. Right from developing social media custom profiles to building and monitoring brand reputation and everything in between, we can get everything done.

Pay Per Click Marketing:

Pay per click is an effective digital marketing strategy that essentially buys visits to your site that convert through ads placed on other websites. PPC management is complex but crucial for exposure and gaining traffic.

Although expensive, if you can afford it, there’s nothing like it. Our PPC management experts go through nine process steps for pay per click conversions. Furthermore, we offer seven PPC services and solutions.

Mobile Marketing:

India has 800+ million smartphone users, which means you have at least 200+ million potential customers. We give you as many strategies to make users fall in love with you when using their smartphone. DI Infotech has enterprising mobile marketing services that have helped many prominent brands establish a clientele via the mobile phone.

Based on your business requirement and existing marketing position, you can go with mobile app marketing, app store optimization, or mobile PPC.

Email Marketing:

Email marketing is one of the low budgets but highly effective marketing strategies that any business size and industry vertical can apply. While it is true, you must also know how, where, when, what and how many emails must you send to deliver the right message to the right audience without annoying them. This knowledge can make a huge impact on your email marketing costs. We have the knowledge as well as the expertise to do it.  

Content Marketing:

Anyone can write. But only few can create an impact – be it positive, negative, or emotional. We have a team of established content writers that have developed different influential and viral content for clients across all industry verticals.

Content plays a huge role in winning. We know how to be witty, sophisticated, impacting, authoritative, informative, and friendly through words. And we will use the right voice and vocabulary to present your idea.  We undertake blog writing, website content, ad campaigns, direct marketing content, newsletter, email marketing, and many other styles.

Online Reputation and Brand Management:

Our online reputation services can help you push down negative search results, overcome bad reviews, and recover from a bad reputation. We do this by pushing up accurate information, optimizing content, eliminating inaccurate statistics, and fixing any other blemishes.

On the other hand, our brand management team manages brand and build its presence felt across multiple platforms with the help of different tools, such as ORM, blogs, and viral marketing.

Website Design and Development

When a client approaches us, the first digital marketing service we suggest is building a website. No matter what you do and where you are placed, if you do not have a website, you will not rank on the first page of SERPs of different search engines. The website is the link between your customers and your world.

We offer several website development and management solutions based on your business operations, including e-commerce website, personalized dynamic website, framework-based websites, user interface design (UI), Magento development, and web and mobile app development.

Our client websites are developed using upgraded technology in ASP.NET, Angular 2 and JS, and API Integration.

Our allied services include SSL certification, digital signature, UI and UX designing, and photography.

What Else Do We Do

We also have another area of expertise – software and exports, which is handled by a fierce force comprised of licensed software engineers and project developers. DI Infotech has developed over 14 innovative software products in the past 14 years spanning several industries, such as healthcare, education, inventory, lead management, HR, customer service, and sales and support CRM.

Each of our software products is highly scalable, open-source, and customizable.

If you need a package – accommodating both software solution and digital marketing service – we can create one based on your prerequisite, budget, time, and interest. You can even contract out individual services and solutions, and hire experts to work with your in-house team. For a free business consultation, contact us here.

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