The website homepage is your brand’s first impression. They can also be your landing page and act like a welcome sign that greets users when they visit your site. Therefore, you should make your website’s homepage welcoming, appealing, and informative so visitors stay on it longer and explore other pages. As a 17-year experienced it services in delhi, our expert graphic designer is here to share a couple of ideas and basic elements for designing your website homepage.

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How to Design Your Homepage – From the Experts of DI Infotech IT Software Company in Delhi

Just having a trending and beautiful design isn’t enough today. You also need to incorporate elements and functions that visitors may appreciate and help them have an uninterrupted experience on your website. Here are our tips on homepage website design. 

Make Your Offers Clear and Visible 

We often tend to focus on colors, graphics, and fonts. And while they are important, an expert website designing company in Delhi will prioritize texts for homepage design. The text will tell your visitors right away who you are, what you do, and what your current offer is. The text, combined with cohesive visuals, will set you apart from your competitors. 

If you want your homepage to be more concise and clear, add a search bar for visitors to quickly find content, especially if you have a lot to offer as an IT software company in Delhi. 

Ensure The Color Schemes are Eye-Catchy and Contrasting 

To set the right tone for your homepage and the entire website, make sure you add a beautiful background and choose a color scheme that works best with the value of your brand. As one of the top software companies in Delhi, we prioritize colors a lot in the website and application design.

Colors can create emotional appeal; therefore, we ensure that a homepage’s background, texts, and images don’t clutter with too many colors. We also use colors that match the branding concept and associate with the emotions of a company. 

Additionally, we incorporate contrasting colors so that certain items on the homepage are more prominent, such as CTA or the form, letting visitors know what they should expect from the company. 

Keep the Homepage Layout Clutter-Free and Easy to Navigate 

An excessive amount of content may overwhelm a site visitor. Keeping your design more organized and professional will create the very same impact on your potential customers. 

Keep important content and information in areas where the viewers’ eye will most likely focus, i.e., above the fold. Do not add too many banners, clip art, text, and icons. For instance, if you are an ASP.Net development company in Delhi and Dot.Net is your specialty, talk more about it on your homepage. 

Another way to make navigation easy is by using directional cues. Directional cues are arrows, animations, and images of people pointing in a particular direction, prompting users to turn their eyes in the same direction. This guides users to the next step or take action quicker. 

Add a Clear Call-to-Action 

An expert website development company in Delhi will suggest not adding too many buttons to the homepage. But if you have to feature one above the fold, a call-to-action will most likely get you a better response. Call to Actions buttons can lead your visitors to other website pages, photo galleries, social media profiles, and promotional services. They are not necessary for the homepage but are considered a website development best practice. 

  • Make your CTA tempting, urging people to take action. Example: “try a free sample,’ ‘Book a free 30-minute consultation,’ etc. 
  • Keep your CTA as short as four to five words. 
  • Place your CTA above the fold where visitors will most likely spot it. 

Use Only High-Quality, Original Product Images and Videos

Photos, at times, speak louder than words since they have the ability to capture the viewer’s attention the best. Visitors are now experts – they can easily differentiate between stock photos and original brand images. Nothing can turn the mood off more than a slow-loading, bad-quality photo. 

So, be smart and generate original high-resolution pictures to make sure your site doesn’t look like the hundred other companies you are competing with and woo your visitors at the very first sight.

That said, to ensure your page loads faster, add only a few solid images. 

You can also feature video descriptions instead. At present, videos are the most engaging media format that has the capability to capture viewers’ attention and engage them in less than 5 seconds. 

Adding short-animated videos, 360° virtual tours, or original product or service videos could be a great ‘oomph’ factor for your website homepage. 

Keep The Content Fresh

Update the content of your homepage frequently, even if you don’t change the text of other pages. Updating content frequently has two benefits – you stay on par with the latest SEO changes and tell readers that your website is up-to-date and has a verified source of information. 

However, don’t write a novel. No user has the time to read what you have added. You don’t want your visitors to lose focus. Keep it simple, crisp, and to the point. If you are a website development company in Delhi, highlight what you do, what kinds of website design and development services you offer, and what makes you different from others. 

For instance, we help eCommerce brands develop websites first and let them pay us in EMIs later. And then, create separate pages for each service you offer and get into the detail on these pages. 

Does Your Homepage Satisfy All of the Above Parameters? 

Find out from the top website designing company in Delhi. DI Infotech provides the best website development services in Delhi, including branding, UX and UI, digital marketing, and web app development. Submit your website and get a quick review from our experts. 

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