WordPress is the most powerful and popular content management system today, with more than 500 websites built daily. It allows brand owners, bloggers, and even top software companies in Delhi to create great websites, including eCommerce stores, at a reasonable cost. Moreover, despite being a monster in the IT world, WordPress is a user-friendly tool for beginners.

But as most beginners, you may not be familiar with the various WordPress hacks that can greatly enhance your experience when installing and managing WordPress websites and blogs. To make things easy for you, let’s jump in straight to our WordPress tricks and tips for beginners.

1. The Right Hosting is Everything

As an end-to-end solution-providing IT company in Delhi, we use WordPress excessively to build simple eCommerce stores, personal blogs, business websites, and informative sites. But the platform needs an external hosting company to go live online.

Choose a hosting service provider or hosting company that provides enough solutions and resources to manage to scale website traffic, load speed, downtime, and crashes. Go with a WordPress specific-hosting plan that will make your website easy to install and run.

2. Use Demo and Free Trials for Themes and Plugins

Before zeroing down on a theme or plugin, request a demo. Demos are a free trial period that allows you to see the theme in action and make a better decision.  If a free trial period or demo isn’t available, check whether the theme or plugin has a free version.

However, as you will be directly installing these free versions or demos on your WordPress, be aware that you might be exposed to small vulnerabilities and risks in some instances. Therefore, we recommend backing up the site before testing new themes or plugins.

3. Consider Paid Plugins

Free plugins generally come with paid extensions and add-ons to make them compatible with your needs. While these extras may look cheap initially, they may build up costs eventually.

Paid Plugins or Premium Versions not only contain loads of useful features but also are cost-effective when you calculate long-term gains.

4. Install SEO Plugins

As all top software companies in Delhi would agree, SEO is the most important factor that determines the success of any website. SEO helps you rank your website, generate quality leads, and improve branding. Installing an SEO plugin will guarantee better results and make you achieve online targets faster.

Install paid SEO plugins to manage your website’s technical things, such as keyword analysis, content management, and sitemaps.

Several SEO plugins are available for beginners. Our recommendations include Yoast SEO, All in One SEO Pack, SEO Press, Rank Math, SEMrush, Google Search Console, and Ahrefs.

5. Remove Unused Plugins

As of 2023, there are 58,164 plugins for WordPress users. Each of them provides different functions and choices, allowing users to customize their sites based on their preferences. Since most Plugins are often free or greatly affordable, you might be tempted to add all. While Plugins are important to improve website functionality, adding too many can slow your site.

Review your installed plugins regularly to check if they add value to your business or site. Remove those that don’t and replace existing ones with lighter Plugins with minimal codes to improve speed.

6. Fix Broken Links at the Earliest

As your site gradually increases in value, it will accumulate thousands of outbound and inbound links. While links are essential in SEO in getting your site noticed, broken links can affect its performance and ranking. Moreover, visitors find 404 errors incredibly irritating.

Broken links usually occur when linked websites or pages get removed, broken, or deleted, meaning you may have links on your blogs that do not point to anything.

You can automate backlink checking with simple online tools or plugins. For more details, connect with an IT software company in Delhi specializing in SEO. Replace and delete broken links from your content as soon as possible.

7. Compress Your Images to Load Site Faster

Compressing images minimizes file size without sacrificing the quality, which in return helps your site load and run faster. Compressed images also save storage space.

Compressing images manually might take hours, if not days. But thanks to incredible modern technologies, you can now compress multiple images in less than a minute free of cost. There are many online tools that optimize pictures and shrink them while maintaining the required level of quality.

Popular and simple-to-use tools online tools for beginners like TinyPNG, Optimizilla, and Kraken.io allow compressing as many as 50 images at a time.

8. Upgrade Your Permalinks

While you may be familiar with the importance of image file names, alt texts, and title tags for website SEO, you may not be aware that top software companies in Delhi also emphasize the importance of Permalinks. Permalinks are permanent URLs for your website pages and posts, significantly impacting your website ranking and SEO.

WordPress automatically generates a new permalink by default when you create a new blog post or add a page. However, you need to structure the link in a way that it is easy for search engines and users to understand the post and navigate the content.

So, you must optimize your permalink before publishing your post. Go to Settings on your dashboard and click the Optimize Permalink button. Modify the permalink with relevant keywords, hyphens, tags, and categories. Keep it simple and use a consistent structure.

9. Publish Error-Free Quality Content

No matter what people say, error-free, well-written content always stands out. Always.

Many marketers believe nicely-written content is purely gimmicky, is only for USA users, and Indians don’t appreciate quality content. But such thinking can only make your website rank low in Google.

The truth is that Google is a perfectionist. Your content will be first read and viewed by Google, which is fussier and finicky about grammar, spelling, and sentence structuring than most highly qualified book publishing editors you know.

In 2023, Google algorithms highly emphasize well-written, well-informed, and grammatically accurate content. And it ranks websites lower that do not match its expectations.

Make sure you use text editor apps like Grammarly to improve your writing. Research well before you draft your content. Make it informative and search engine optimized. If you cannot write on your own, hire a professional copywriter.

10. DO NOT Plagiarize Content

Whether it is an article, image, video, audio, or illustration, do not be tempted to copy-paste or borrow content from other sites. Stealing content not created by you is unethical, and Google and other search engines highly disregard plagiarized work and penalize sites with stolen content.

If you think stolen content will be overlooked by Google, let us tell you that as an IT company in Delhi with 18 years of experience in content marketing – Google is quick to notice copied work.

Besides, the chances of you engaging in legal challenges with a copyright infringement case are equally high.

So, the best approach is to create 100% original content. You can refer to other websites or blogs for inspiration but cannot steal any content. If you still wish to embed such content to your website, ensure you have written permission from the original owner to do so or give due credit to them in the post.

So, there you have ten useful WordPress hacks for beginners, which will be helpful. But of course, these are not the only ones. There are tens of hundreds, and we have just started.

Would you like to improve your WordPress website? Connect with DI Infotech Leaders top software companies in Delhi. We can help you create exceptional WordPress, Shopify, and Magento websites for eCommerce and non-eCommerce businesses.

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