Crafting software is no big deal. Anyone with good technical knowledge can do it efficiently. But crafting sustainable software that strengthens business expertise day after day is not an easy feat. It not only takes leading technologies but also expert teams that create software designs that anticipate change and adapt to it.  DIInfotech knows the difference and therefore, we have been one of the reliable IT Software Companies in Delhi solving unique business problems since 2005.

Building Software for Forward-Thinking Companies is a Big Deal

If you are looking for a suitable custom software development company in Delhi or any other city, talk to us. We will tell you why.

When you build a business relationship, you make sure that it stays loyal for long. You would want to adapt to the changes the relationship goes through and grow along. Software platforms are similar. You cannot develop a sustainable software platform every other day; once created, it must be dynamic enough to anticipate and adapt to changing developments.

We make it possible by collaborating with our clients.

It is very essential to collaborate with clients to understand their business context because unless you don’t, you cannot deliver custom software that acts as their secret weapon in winning the competition. DIInfotech has an in-house team of experts, each one of them a certified professional in the most adaptable and sustainable software platforms.

We have more than 10 software products catering to different business problems, including operational management, lead management, HR, IT, customer relationship, employee management, AMC management and technical support, and healthcare resources.

We say it upfront that we are one of the best software development companies in Delhi because we guarantee to provide award-winning custom software development and IT management services to all organizational sizes. Right from finance to health care, from SMEs to big brands, we leverage the best technologies and change the way your products are built.

Our Products:

Here’s a list of software products that we have developed, that can be customizable according to your business prerequisites:

Lead Management Software: The software application lets you track and manage new and existing customers, mergers, conversions, leads generated, customers’ inquiry, captures, and lead nurturing. The LMS is built on a standard, non-proprietary web-based architecture that can automate all lead tracking stages, right from initial meeting through proposal and negotiation to order delivered and closed.

Operations Management System: Managing orders can be a tad bit difficult during peak season. Our OMS simplifies the entire process by automating the system, right from processing and managing orders, such as recording, packaging, dispatch, tracking, installation, and billing to preventive measures of equipment.

Manage Yantra: Is one of the finest Asset Tracking Software Platforms in India that helps you discover new ways to manage and re-employ IT assets. Manage Yantra is highly flexible, quickly adaptable, and improves risk management and IT support performance. Click here to go through its unique features.

IT Yantra: IT Yantra’s inventive feature and personality are perfect for organizations that staff more than 50 employees. It centralizes the entire help desk management through a token-based system. Right from assigning to escalation to implementation of staffs’ requests, IT Yantra automates employee problem-solving method by building a centralized internal knowledge repository via cloud.

Website Maintenance Management: A website is just the beginning; if you need it to compete, you must improvise it, maintain it, make it error-free every day. It is an unmanageable task if you do not have an expert internal team. DIInfotech AMC Management and Technical Support is carried out by highly skilled technicians that help you provide a seamless experience to your customers.

Healthcare Human Resource: We have a specialized healthcare consulting team that works both full-time and part-time based on client’s requisites. Our expert healthcare consultants work will with you to improve and reorganize your company infrastructure. You can also hire our experts to enhance a particular department or section. The features that we provide are unparalleled, such as direct association with employees, different healthcare segments, employee login access, client login access, and many more.

DIInfotech also has five more dynamic software applications for both big and small-sized companies. Given here is a list of all of the custom software solutions that we offer.

We Have More For You

ASP.NET, ANGULAR JS and ANGULAR 2, and API Integration

Our services solutions also have other branches, such as website development, and digital marketing. As we all know, website has made it easier for businesses to expand across borders fruitfully. Websites have many roles to play, but most importantly, it acts as a connecting link between your niche customers and you, your products and services.

As a leading Website Designing Company in India, DIInfotech uses most compatible and aesthetic technologies for web development and designing, including ASP.NET, API Integration, and Angular JS.

ASP.NET is the most popular .NET framework used for website designing, because it is open-source, which means you can change the codes anytime, through anyone, from any place, and it is used for cross-platform integration.

DIInfotech uses ASP.NET for creating modern internet-connected applications, cloud-based applications, web and mobile apps, and responsive websites.

We also deploy Angular JS and Angular 2 services for developing customized web applications, interactive app development, portal development, AJAX development, content management tools, plug-ins development, and e-commerce website development.

Angular 2 is agile, simpler, and invigorating.

You can hire our ASP.NET Developers, Angular JS, API Integration technicians remotely at a reduced cost.

DIInfotech Digital Marketing

If your website or your software product needs media coverage on the internet, which you would need at some point, DIInfotech Digital Marketing is here to help you.  We have a complete team of certified digital marketing experts who work relentlessly to make our clients’ online presence better and competitive.

No matter what kind of business you are in, our software solutions, web design services, and digital marketing tools can help you in innumerous ways. Call us now and let our expert technicians do a free analysis of your business operations and web presence and provide you a cost-effective, promising solution.


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