Do you know the difference between a web designer and a web developer?

If you want to develop your eCommerce store on the internet, hire a web development company in Delhi. But if you want to transform your brand idea into beautiful visual elements to see how it would look if it were developed into a website, then select a web designing company in Delhi. 

It is easy to get both the skills mixed up. While they both primarily help build the website, they work on two different elements completely.

What is a Web Designer?

In layman terms, a website designer designs the website, the wireframe or the skeletal, as to what colors should go, where should the image be placed, or the font, the navigation, etc. Web designers architect the website, or even in simpler terms, draw how a website would look to the viewers. No programming language or coding expertise is required in designing a website. Instead, graphics and illustrations play a huge role. 

  • When you look at a website and you instantly like it? It is because of the web designer. They make the website look good. 
  • Web designers use tools like Photoshop, HTML, or CSS to add visual elements to a print or digital media. 
  • Their primary work is to keep the users glued to the website with the best layout and interacting elements. This specialization is called UX/UI.

What is a Web Developer?

On the other hand,  web developers make the website live, usable, and worakable. They use the design produced by the designers and with the help of technlohgy and programming language creates a responsive website. They construct the website from scratch and give it a structure that the end users use. 

Both are important. Both skills are mandatory to build a stunning and user-friendly website. For instance, if the wireframe is unclear and corny, the website will take longer to develop. And if the web developer doesn’t know the technology, the website will be jumbled with errors. 

  • Web developers ensure the pages load faster on browsers, are clickable and accessible, and have seamless structure. 
  • They use software applications like Java and PHP to develop the website. 
  • Web development is categorized into back-end (the functions which are not visible to the users) and front-end development (to create things for the users).

So, when hiring website development services in Delhi, make sure the company also has talented graphic designers who can illustrate your thoughts into beautiful wireframes so that you can enjoy comprehensive services.

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