As a customer, you must develop a basic idea about the technology solution your .NET company in Delhi will be providing you. Two popular .Net solutions that most established dot net development companies suggest are ASP.NET and VB. NET. Dot Net application framework has helped many software developers build efficient and steadfast applications. However, the functionality of ASP.Net and VB.Net differs. 

The basic difference is that ASP.Net is used to develop web applications and VB.Net is primarily utilized to develop software applications for windows that run without the internet. ASP.Net is an extension of .NET, basically an open-source application framework. On the other hand, VB.Net is Dot Net Framework’s high-level programming language. 

Your ASP.NET development company in Delhi may also use VB.Net to create ASP.Net projects.

Here are the common differences between VB. Net and ASP. Net:

  1. VB.Net is a programming language and therefore, does not comprise server control and can support only scripting languages. On the other hand, for being an extension of the Dot Net technology, ASP.Net is equipped to support all languages and has server control as well. 
  1. ASP.Net is independent of languages as it is an original Microsoft server site technology. While VB.Net is a software development language. 
  1. If you want to create web applications using .Net technology, ASP.Net is the most viable and competitive framework. ASP.Net is a technology and software developers usually use VB.Net to create Windows and ASP.Net projects. 

Top Advantages of ASP.Net

You may want to know why you nod ‘Yes’ when the .Net development company in Delhi recommends ASP.Net for web application development. Here are the reasons why:

  • ASP.Net is perfect for building large web applications, for it systematically reduces the coding effort.
  • ASP.Net comes with built-in Windows authentication and pre-configured applications, which ensures safe and secure web applications. 
  • Native app optimization, innovative caching services, optimized compilation, and early binding are a few add-on performance boosters in Asp.Net.
  • Other powerful features that complement the Asp.Net framework are Visual Studio integrated with a rich designer toolbox, drag and drop server controls, and WYSIWYG editing.
  • You can easily accomplish many common tasks with ASP.Net, including form submission, site configurations, client authentication, and even deployment.
  • As it is a server-side technology, the code of ASP.Net executes on the server first and then on the browser. 
  • As we said earlier, Asp.Net is language independent, which enables you to use any language to write the code that suits your application the best. 

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