Despite being highly qualified when it comes to executing high-performing codes, many top software development companies in Delhi can leave the developed applications vulnerable to cyberattacks if security is not addressed from the very beginning. In this blog, we shall discuss the common types of ASP.Net attacks that developers must be mindful of while delivering their performing applications.

Make sure your developer team is loaded with all tools that will help them mitigate the attacks. They include Visual Studio Code, SQL Server Management Studio, Burp Suite Community Edition, and AntiXSS Library.

Besides, we insist on having clear and concise audit trails during the application building and running phase to make tracks back to origin easy if an error occurs.

Common Types of ASP.Net Attacks by Hackers

SQL Injection Attack: It is one of the top 10 ASP.Net vulnerabilities per the Open Web Application Security Project.

Improper Implementation of Authentication and Session Management: It can lead hackers to steal unsecured connections, application logouts if not properly done, login credentials, and unencrypted credentials.

Security Misconfiguration: It can enable attackers to modify data and send it to the server. Anti Forgery tools can prevent this.

Cross-Site Forgery: This attack forces logged-in users to perform actions without their consent, such as bank transfer.

Cross-Site Scripting Attacks: This is a very common breach where malicious scripts are added via field inputs, leading attackers to valuable data and login credentials.

Vulnerable Data Revelation: Sensitive data like PAN numbers, CC detail, addresses, and contact numbers (anything other than passwords) can be hacked since we encrypt only passwords.  

Unvalidated and Unencrypted Redirects and Forwards from Websites and Applications: This attack can reveal valuable user credentials or enable hackers to install malware if redirects and forwards are not evaluated at the right time.

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