Top priority for eCommerce businesses is the Order management system by The increasing online shoppers’ demands, particularly during the holiday season, send managers on the edge when it comes to order managing and processing. 

A single misplaced package can make you lose valuable customers. So, it should be in the business’ best interest to make sure orders are accurately processed, shipped, and tracked. An Order Management System powered by BI and developed with ASP.Net will make a huge difference in business management. 

Find out how much an order management system would cost you from the leading Development Company in Delhi. 

Let’s look at the benefits of the Order Management System. 

Business Advantages of Order Management System

Order Management System combines the paper-processing of orders across various departments in one place by automating it through technology. Pending, shipped, and fulfilled orders can be viewed and managed in one single-screen, where the needed information will be delivered in real-time. 

For instance, you can track where a particular order has reached in real-time on GPS tracking.  Besides, you can also manage customer data and integrate the system with loyalty programs and customer data platform to ensure smooth operations. 

–         Crystal Clear Insights on Inventory

One of the benefits of the Order Management System by development company is its accurate insight on inventory, delivered in real-time. Since it is a unified system, your inventory will always be updated across sales points. You will always have an idea of stock availability on all your stores and their processing and shipment status every minute.

 –         A Boon to Sales Representatives

The automated management tool can enable agents and sales representatives to login by themselves, add customer orders, and process them on their mobile devices. They need not connect with the customer care of headquarters to fulfill orders. 

 –         Reduce Cost with Accurate and Timely Information

Accurate and streamlined order management can reduce both inventory and labor costs by 30% per year. Meaning, even if you invest in the system, you can recover the cost incurred in a couple of months through cost reduction.

 –         Elevated Customer Satisfaction with Real-time Status

You can not only check current order and inventory updates in real-time but track the shipment to prevent counterfeiting. This will enable you to send automated, timely updates to your customers on their orders. is the best development company in Delhi that has a state-of-the-art development environment. We can build you a beneficial order management system with Core framework, powered by Web APIs, C#, and JQuery.

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