Having a website is no longer a choice for business enterprises. It’s a crucial requirement now. The most important aspect of a website that counts is having a great web design in order to fulfill certain design standards. Web design is an art, as it makes a platform usable, enjoyable, navigable, and intuitive. Having a great design is obviously a necessity because it creates the first impression of the business. To avoid mistakes that can make your website outdated or not so competitive, you can reach out to custom software development company in Delhi.

Designing comes with a set of “Rules” that should be followed, but most of the time these rules are neglected. This results in businesses losing potential customers and a huge amount of money. 

Let’s analyze the web design errors that must be avoided to achieve a wonderful user experience with a well-designed website.

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Non-Responsive Design

Having a non-responsive page is indeed a drawback. Having a website that works and looks good even on the smallest screens is really important, as responsive design optimizes a website for the user’s screen.

Well, in order to fix issues like having a dull, not-so-attractive web page that might turn out to be a non-responsive page, try using a mobile-first approach while creating a website so that it is easily accessible on small screens. Place a strong emphasis on creating quality user interfaces and experiences (UX/UI) for mobile devices. Use tools that adjust the size of content according to screen resolutions and device sizes. For the purpose of having a  responsive web page, you can check on IT company in Delhi, as their services enable you to seamlessly have a great updated website.

Disruptive Pop-Up

Imagine having a pop-up while working on a certain website, isn’t that an irritating situation? These popups suddenly start asking if you need help or prompting you to subscribe and download. Pop-ups are flexible and can be utilized at various points – upon entry, after scrolling to a given point, just before leaving the page, or in response to a particular activity. But, they can also lead to a poor user experience, so you need to be extra careful when implementing popups on your website. 

The best way to use popups is to only include one or two pop-up ads per experience and not make them fill up the entire screen. Also, avoid adding popups on every page of your website by hiring a NET Development Company in Delhi.

Cluttered Site Navigation

A website’s home page design needs to be tidy, understandable, and simple to use, especially for a custom software development company. Users frequently come across home pages with too many links, making it difficult for them to find what they need, even when searching for services like custom software development. One of the biggest web design mistakes to avoid is having cluttered website navigation, particularly for a company specializing in software solutions. So, it’s always better for a custom software development company to limit their homepage (and other pages) to offer a reasonable number of options, menu items, and images. This approach will not only make the website appear neat and credible but also enhance the user experience for those seeking tailored software services.

Auto-Playing Video with Sound

Adding video to your website is very helpful, but only if you use it properly. Videos can help you capture the viewer’s attention and get conversions. Playing the video without the viewer’s consent and the expectations of the person visiting the website will not be the right step. 

So it is always better to think for your viewers and not push things on them. If you auto-play a video, mute it. With the assistance of software development company in Delhi, you can incorporate a silent auto-play video feature where the user sees the video playing automatically but has to activate the sound manually, just like Facebook and Twitter do.


There is no better time to check your web strategy than right now. Analyze your errors and get better results! If you are looking for a great website experience, get in touch with custom software development company like DI Infotech, because here we understand the importance of good web design. We can help you build an innovative and powerful web presence for your business or even help you upgrade an existing website.

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